Summer in Saskatchewan usually comes with unpredictable weather, and that was evident on Sunday.   

Environment and Climate Change Canada Meteorologist Stephen Berg explains that tornado activity occurred near Martensville and close to Melfort. He added that they will conduct a follow-up investigation to analyze the exact damage from the storm.  

There have been reports of a tornado touchdown in the RM of Bayne near Bruno.     

Berg added that large-sized hail was reported in the Martensville area that may have caused significant damage.   

He also noted the Carrot River region suffered power outages from the storm.   

In terms of the City of Humboldt, Berg said there was no significant weather activity compared to other regions.  

While Environment and Climate Change Canada continues to collect the results from Sunday’s storm, Berg noted that there were no reports of severe rainfall amounts, meaning 50 mm within an hour, but added they’re investigating the rainfalls in the areas that received hail.   

The cause of Sunday’s unstable weather was the instability in the air, according to Berg. 

“It was very unstable air as well kind of having a favorable dynamic circulation from surface to midlevel, few kilometers above the surface, good wind shears as well too, so those combined to produce these severe thunderstorms.”   

Looking ahead to the forecast this week, Berg says it’s shaping up to be a wet end to the week but noted that he isn’t sure what amount of participation we will see.   

You can view some images from Sunday's storm with photos provided by Landon Humenny.