The City of Humboldt and developers of the planned Westwood subdivision continue to work on the realization of the housing community at the west end of Humboldt. At a special meeting of Council on Monday, the City agreed to adopt the submitted plan as the official blueprint for the development. This includes the adoption of Lakewood Drive and Lakewood Cove as the official street names for the initial stages of the development.  

The developers, informally known as Westwood, also requested an amendment to the water drainage method for the development to allow for rural cross-sections. Traditionally urban developments require a curb and gutter style drainage infrastructure. A rural cross section allows for drainage ditches with grass rather than a concrete gutter.  

The rationale for the rural drainage in the area is the immediate proximity of a developed lake that serves as a holding pond for storm runoff, explained City Manager Joe Day during the meeting.  

“Because of the detention pond that’s right there, the whole area thought out and designed to use a lot of surface drainage instead of storm drains. With the pond so close, this is a very practical option.” 

Day also said that the relatively large lots in the development made this an attractive option as well. The request for the surface drainage pertained only to the service agreement for the 12 lots in question, Day explained.  

There were concerns expressed over water absorption with surface drainage leading to frost boils in the late winter and early spring. Public Works Manager Peter Bergquist responded that the roads were being constructed with a clay base and a geo-tech style subbase and base layer. That combined with the efficiency of the proposed drainage would create a road standard that would prohibit such frost heaving.  

Council passed the recommendation for the new development. The recommendation with plans is available for viewing at