Railway Avenue in Muenster will once again come alive with the roar of laughter as Comedy in the Street makes its return. Hosted by Hotel Muenster on Saturday, August 26, the event promises a full day of activity culminating in a quartet of Saskatchewan comedy masters bringing the mirth.  

It’s the second such street comedy event in the village. The first one, held two summers ago, was so successful that hosts Brian and Diane Langlois of Hotel Muenster have enlisted a stellar lineup for its return.  

Along with the evening performance, there will be plenty going on in the afternoon. Local business vendors are invited to set up during the afternoon to display and sell in a mini market. Anyone interested in setting up a stand can contact Hotel Muenster. Also, a silent auction will be set up with donated goods up for grabs and tickets for sale at the hotel. Those wishing to donate goods can also contact the hotel. Proceeds from the silent auction and the vendors booths will go to the Muenster Cooperative Childcare Centre.  

Headlining the comedy fest will be Saskatchewan’s own Darryl Koszman. Hailing from small town Saskatchewan himself, Koszman is a veteran comic and storyteller who connects with prairie audiences all about the kinship and conundrums of living in a small town. 

“I’m a little bit self-deprecating to be honest,” Koszman laughs in describing his own brand of comedy. “I talk about myself, my family, life growing up in Saskatchewan, being from a small town similar to Muenster – I'm from Bengough at the bottom of the province. Then as things happen through the show, things can change direction.”  

It’s the beauty of comedy in that there’s an implicit invitation for the audience to get involved, so every comedy set has an element of improvisation percolating just below the surface.  

Along with Koszman, Aimee Grimard, Shawn Cuthand and Danny Knight will be on hand for a set each. Shawn and Danny are contributors to The Feather News, an online source for Indigenous news, satire and entertainment. 

“Shawn and Danny actually produced a fringe show, and they just got Best Local Show at the Saskatoon Fringe Festival this week,” said Koszman. “They’ve just been crushing it and doing well.” 

All four comics base their laughs on their own follies and foibles, and audiences connect to the humour by seeing themselves in the situations, some of which are uniquely rooted in our common Saskatchewan culture. Koszman is the definitive veteran, and working with newer talent is a labour of love. 

“They’re really talented, and I love supporting new acts and bringing them out to shows like this.” 

Koszman is no stranger to Humboldt, having crisscrossed the province and performed in many locales and in a variety of venues. For the Muenster show, as was the case two years ago, the comics will be taking the stage on a flatbed trailer under the wide Saskatchewan sky. 

“It’s funny,” Koszman chuckles, “Being a comedian from Saskatchewan, this will not be the first time. In my years, I’ve done a few of them, and outdoor shows can be a lot of fun.” 

Advance tickets are available now at Hotel Muenster, and they’re sure to go fast. Advance tickets are $25, $30 at the door. The event is 19+. More information is available at Hotel Muenster at (306) 682-2889.  


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