Even in the bitter cold, a pair of long-standing community events always adds a bit of warmth in the relative dim of the post-holiday season. The Lake Lenore Smoker and the St. Gregor Poker Rally gather crowds who zip up and down the 368 for a bowl of hot soup and a smokie at the Rally, and the wonderfully seasoned smoked fish right out of the lake. 

This year was no different. While the intense cold and the lack of snow cover made sledding a no-go, there was still the opportunity to get it on the poker rally fun by picking up and hand and competing for cash and prizes. There was also the usual display of door prizes at the St Gregor community hall this, and impressive display, thanks to all the wonderful local businesses from the region. It's a reminder to shop local and patronize those businesses who work hard to support community ventures all year.  

Of course, outside the community hall in lake Lenore, volunteers from the local Wildlife Federation had been out by the smoking barrel since early in the morning attending to this year's incredible catch of whitefish. There was no lack of expertise on hand in preparing and serving the delicacy which comes around each year on the second weekend of January. Folks gathered in the hall early on for a feed and stayed throughout the evening for a dance. The Lake Lenore Lions were on hand with their club draw, while volunteers sold 50/50 and raffle tickets, all in support of the Lake Lenore Community Hall and projects with the Wildlife Federation. 

Once again, it's a testament to all the wonderful volunteers from these two great communities who work hard all year, but especially on a weekend where the two towns team up so that crowds can support both events.