The was a familiar bustle in the foyer of HCI this St. Patrick’s Day - one that hasn’t been present in a couple of years. This morning marked the long awaited return of HCI’s St. Patrick’s Day breakfast. The traditional gathering has been an annual staple since the days of the old high school when community members would stop by to visit with staff and students over a repast of green pancakes, sausages, whipped cream and fresh strawberries.

HCI Principal Cory Popoff decked out in his apron and armed with a spatula commented on the return of the beloved event.

“It is absolutely fantastic,” Popoff said, “It;s a great feeling. Still have the technique down and the batter is green for sure. One of the things we missed the most over the last couple of years is that social interaction. It’s good to have people come through our doors and to talk with them once again.”

Vice-principal David Millette was on hand with many of the staff, cooking, running food, and visiting with students and hungry well-wishers. He talked about his return to the cooking fold, and particularly his creative shape pouring abilities.

“It’s been perfected for years, but it hasn’t been practiced for a long time,” admits Millette, “So we’re very excited to be back in the club room here to throw out the Mickey Mouse pancakes.”

Patron’s walked away with warm smiles that only spring weather, warm gatherings, and coloured pancakes can bring.