Robert Thomas studied political science at the University of Saskatchewan, he even had classes with Premier Brad Wall.

Their career in politics haven't panned out the same but Thomas is trying his hand again running for the Rhinoceros Party in the upcoming federal election for the Moose Jaw-Lake Centre-Lanigan riding.

The Moose Jaw residence says he simply wanted to bring some excitement to the race.

"I'm just an ordinary guy, my background is I work in the oil patch, I've worked here a number of years. I decided to run because it just seemed this riding was going to be a little bit boring when it comes to the race and maybe by being in the race I can get people asking questions and maybe liven things up, that's what I was kind of thinking."

Thomas' days invested with the Rhino's dates back three decades after he met Hugh Arscott, one of the founding fathers of party at a university politics gathering.

Agriculture, senior's care and infrastructure are three concerns that easily struck a cord with Thomas. He feels right now Saskatchewan and Canada are in a good spot but he says that could change and you have to look no further than his industry.

"We're not doing that bad, I think we're heading into some trouble here economically especially in Saskatchewan in the next little while, I think we're going to have a downturn here."

He is also a believer in the local aspect, he truly wants rural ridings heard in the nation's capital.

"Our voice as far as being heard in parliament, I don't know how well we're being heard, I don't know if we are being heard as much as we should be."

The Rhino's have no problem providing satire in their platform making frivolous claims such as repealing the law of gravity, creating higher education by building taller schools as well as privatizing the Canadian Army.