Every year for a period of one week, a sweet treat at Tim Hortons sees funds go directly back into the community.

From September 14-20, the Canadian coffee giant sold smile cookies for one dollar each. A total of 5,046 cookies were sold, with all proceeds going to the Humboldt District Hospital Foundation.

"We would like to thank the Tim Hortons staff and management for selecting us once again this year," said Executive Director of the HDHF, Lorrie Bunko. "They should be very proud of a job well done. That is a phenomenal amount of cookies sold in one week, so we can't thank them enough. We want to thank everyone who supported their campaign, bought those cookies, and consumed those calories."

Bunko continued about how much of an impact the donation will make.

"It's a big help. Five thousand dollars could purchase one of the specialized mattresses that we use for palliative care bed ridden patients, so that's a huge impact."

Humboldt Tim Hortons owner Dan Grywacheski said supporting the hospital once again was an easy decision.

"It's important for the community. We have a beautiful facility, and it's important to keep it up. The community is behind it 100%."

In 2014, nearly 3,300 cookies were sold by the store, and Grywacheski says they went all in to smash that record.

"We were really focused this year to beat last year's record. The community is a huge part of this. They support it and that's what is important. You put good people together, and that's what happens."

He expressed his thanks to not only those who purchased cookies, but also his staff whose work ethic made the new record possible.


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