Play time is over. Time to get back to the usual morning routine with packed lunches, alarm clocks and thinking driver and pedestrian safety. 

Sunday's popular spot was the local outdoor rink behind St Dominic School as kids spent a crisp sunny Sunday outside on the last day of Christmas break.

Meanwhile CAA Saskatchewan's
Director of Communications Christine Niemczyk, reminds drivers to obey the rules of road in school zones. "Just want to remind motorists to slow down in school zones and play ground areas, driving to the posted speed limit" adding that parents should make sure to not allow children's vision or hearing to be obstructed by their winter gear.


Niemczyk, also reminds children to remember their pedestrian safety rules. Look both ways before you cross the street. It's important to cross at corners or marked intersections. Avoid jaywalking. Never assume that the vehicle or driver of the vehicle is going to see you.