The Calico Gymnastics Club is holding a fundraising gala to raise money for their new building project.

The event will take place Friday, September 18th here in Humboldt.

Event Co-Chair Jodi Smith tells us who the guests of honour and keynote speakers will be.

"We're very excited to announce that we are holding a gala which is entitled; Dream Big, Achieve Bigger. Our guest speakers are going to be Brianne Theisen-Eaton and Ashton Eaton."

Theisen-Eaton who hails from Humboldt has brought her husband, Ashton Eaton to Humboldt on a number of occasions but the pair has never appeared in her hometown publicly until this upcoming event. Something Smith says is also excited but their incredible fit lifestyles are something Calico stands for.

"It just couldn't have fit better with Calico Gymnastics' principles of fitness and a healthy lifestyle and that is so important to the both of them. It fits and we're super excited."

Tickets will go on sale at Pharmasave on Wednesday morning. They are $60/each of $450/table of eight.

As for the cause, Calico is continuing to fund-raise for a new building.

"It is still very much a big focus of ours," Smith, the past president added. "We've had a good first year of getting some funds in place for that, still a long ways to go."

"We just need the community's support in this event for us."

Calico was moved out of the Humboldt Mall when the renovations were starting which have since died off. Right now they are temporarily lodged in an industrial building on Fourth Avenue.

Calico has approximately 200 athletes during their season which gets underway again in September.

You can hear more from Smith in her interview with Bolt FM's Clark Stork click below.