Things are starting to look up for the travel industry after a chaotic start to the winter travelling season. 

Through the Christmas holidays, the air travel industry was turned on its side as passengers in sunny destinations were left stranded as airlines tried to keep up with demand. This was also combined with storms that hit major airports in Toronto and Vancouver. 

Since then, travelers have been trying to make the most out of what’s left of the winter vacation season. 

“Things are picking up again. People are still going away on their winter vacations. I mean, we're just about finished February, we still have March and a little bit of April to go, but ultimately the winter vacation planning is still going nicely,” said general manager of travel services with CAA Saskatchewan Terry Kaszas. 

Adding to the issue in Saskatchewan was the fact that Sunwing cancelled its flights out of Saskatchewan in January and into early February. 

Kaszas said Sunwing has since resumed operations flying out of Saskatchewan airports. 

“Some are still traveling with them as well as some other carriers. They just have a connection here or there now sometimes when they're headed south,” he said.