This Friday, July 1, will be Canada’s 155th birthday, and SGI has a few suggestions to keep safe and save fuel while travelling. 

SGI recommends slowing down, estimating that for every 10 km/hr over 90 km/hr you travel, you use 10% more fuel. Slowing down and following the speed limit won’t just save gas; it can also save you a ticket. 

Speeding tickets start at $170 for 10 km/hr over the limit and become more expensive while speeding through a construction zone, school zone, or passing workers on the side of the road. 

Using cruise control can also help stay within the speed limit. However, SGI recommends only using it during ideal road conditions. 

Another tip SGI has for saving gas this Canada Day is to plan your trip. Combining short trips helps avoid doubling back and using more fuel. Planning your trip helps with driving more confidently and allows you to pay more attention to the road. Planning ahead will also prevent you from being distracted by your navigation system, mobile device, or co-pilot over the best route. 

Having a maintained vehicle with properly inflated tires will help your car run more efficiently and avoid dangerous tire blow-outs or breakdowns. 

SGI also recommends looking ahead and keeping aware of what is happening on the road, preventing collisions and moderate speed so you do not need to brake and accelerate as much. Smooth acceleration allows you to conserve fuel by building speed efficiently. On slippery surfaces such as gravel roads, smooth acceleration will keep you pointed straight on the road.

SGI’s final suggestion was to plan a safe ride home if you are impaired. Not driving impaired will save your gas bill, avoid expensive fines and penalties and save lives. Police will be on the lookout for any impaired drivers throughout the summer. 

SGI stated in a release, “penalties for experienced drivers start at .04 BAC and if you’re a new driver, there is zero tolerance. When it comes to being impaired in any way – save gas - save a life – save yourself a spot on the sofa until you’re sober again.”