The town of Watrous will be dancing along to the tunes of Travis Dolter and his band this weekend as he hits the stage of the Watrous Civic Centre. 

Travis is from Hay Lakes, Alberta, coming from a family farm where he would play with his Ukrainian family band. 

“I got on stage at around 6 years old, started singing with them, and playing. Around my graduation in 2017, I started writing songs and never looked back. I started getting more and more shows, and here we are today,” says Dolter. 

Dolter is currently on the road for his tour but says things are a little more complicated with him attending school in Calgary. 

“It’s been a pretty busy schedule, but I love it, so I’ll always make it work.” 

He says they are doing a couple of shows in Saskatchewan, but have also been, “Hitting up all the bars in Alberta and all the various events.”

As for what people can expect to see at his shows, he explained it as a good mix of country, 50’s rock and roll, and some acoustic. 

Dolter's next stop is Macklin on Friday, February 3, at 7:30 pm at the Macklin & District Communiplex. Afterward, he will head straight to Watrous on Saturday, February 4, at 7:30 at the Watrous Civic Centre. 

Fans will be pleased to hear that Dolton will soon release a double EP. 

“The first half of it will be coming out on February 10th and that's called “Every Song”, and part two is called “The Story”. That’s kinda been my slogan since I started writing songs. I don’t really write things I can’t relate to myself. I don’t fictionalize these stories, they are just ones I have actually experienced and ones that people can really see themselves in through what I have done with my life so far.”