It was announced during Question Period on Wednesday that the Official Opposition had formally requested two conflict of interest investigations into two Sask Party MLAs who, through their private businesses, appear to have benefited from government contracts.

Ethics and Democracy Critic Meara Conway pointed to MLA Gary Grewal’s Sunrise and Thriftlodge motels where Social Services was housing people at what seemed to be significant rate increase. The other is Education Minister Jeremy Cockrill with his family business Fortress Windows and Doors. Conway stated, “He continued to collect a paycheque with side hustles as an advisor, as a salesperson, including periods of time when hundreds of thousands of public money went out to that private business from SaskTel and Sask Housing. No exemption from the laws prohibition in participating in public contracts was given under the Act.”

Social Services Minister Gene Makowsky stated that all MLAs know that they have to disclose information to the Conflict of Interest Commissioner, an independent officer of the Legislature, to adjudicate any potential situations, so he awaits the decision from the Commissioner.