-- with files from Glenda-Lee Vossler -- 

It was a big achievement for two Humboldt locals as they were welcomed into Saskatchewan's Agricultural Hall of Fame, along with four new inductees for the 50th anniversary of the Hall of Fame. 

President Reed Andrew says the event honoured six individuals who have made a significant contribution to the Province's agriculture sector. 

Humboldt’s own Leslie Hill was with the Prairie Agriculture Machinery Institute focusing on combine testing and evaluation.

And Humboldt’s Mark Silzer is well-known in the bison industry serving as Chair and President of the Saskatchewan Bison Association and Canadian Bison Association.

Other inductees include Jim Bessel, Margaret Crowle (posthumous), Jack Dawes, and Dr. Jeffrey Schoenau. 

Jim Bessel is known for the establishment of canola as a profitable crop for farmers.

Margaret Crowle worked in a broad range of activities that benefitted the ag sector from financial management to her work in home economics. 

Jack Dawes, an ag broadcast journalist, also served as General Manager of the Prairie Oat Growers Association from 2003 to 2011. He was also very involved in the establishment of the Saskatchewan Oat Development Commission.

Saskatchewan's Agricultural Hall of Fame is located upstairs at the Western Development Museum in Saskatoon.

Visit the website to learn more about the Saskatchewan Agricultural Hall of Fame.

To hear Glenda-Lee's conversation with SAHF President Reed Andrew click on the link below.