Update: The individual has been located and the family has been notified!

A heartwarming tale of kindness looking for the heroes to say thank you. It all began on a crisp, sunny day when Arnold Davey and his wife Anne decided to venture into the city of Regina for a bit of shopping. Unbeknownst to them, this simple outing would turn into an event that would touch their lives deeply. 

As Arnold and his wife exited a thrift store, his arms full of bags, a treacherous patch of ice lay in wait. Arnold's footing gave way, sending him crashing face-first onto the cold, hard ground. Blood streamed from his nose, and his hands also took the fall. In this moment of shock and pain, two strangers, hailing from the Philippines but now residents of Canada, emerged as unsung heroes. One, a Humboldt local, and the other, his friend from Toronto, rushed to Arnold's aid with no hesitation. 

These two gentlemen not only helped Arnold to his feet but took it upon themselves to drive the couple to the emergency room. In a bid to express her gratitude, Anne offered them money, suggesting they buy something for the Humboldt man's pregnant wife. Yet, with humility and grace, they declined the offer, stating that the baby had not arrived yet. 

This act of pure kindness left a deep impression on Arnold's family. Danielle, his daughter-in-law wanting to express her profound gratitude, saw an opportunity to try and find these kind-hearted individuals. She believed that in a close-knit community like Humboldt, news of this good deed would quickly spread, and the identity of the Good Samaritans would be revealed. 

So, the quest begins. Danielle and her family hope to find these men and publicly acknowledge their selflessness and compassion. In a world often clouded with negativity, this story of two strangers' unasked-for kindness shone brightly, a testament to the enduring spirit of human goodness and community support. 

If you know who these heroes are contact Bolt FM so they can be put in touch with the family in the above story.