A life sentence was handed down in Saskatoon Court of Queen’s Bench to 24 year old Tristan Daniel Morrison found guilty of the First Degree murder of Allan Garrioch of Humboldt. His accomplice, Jaret Veilleux, 44, received a sentence of 18 years for manslaughter. The decision, handed down by Chief Justice Martel Popescul, delivered the mandatory sentence for first-degree murder. 

Garrioch was kidnapped from his home in Humboldt on February, 25, 2020. After being beaten and robbed, the assailants took Garrioch to a wooded area and shot him in the neck. Garrioch’s body was found near Bruno. 

Following their trial in May, it was determined that Morrison fired the fatal shot and that Veilleux acted to aid in the crime. The motive, as determined in the trial, was one of revenge on the part of Morrison who had been in previous conflict with Garrioch over an ex-girlfriend. The motive for Veilleux’s involvement was the promise of robbing Garrioch with the possibility of methamphetamine being a target. 

Garrioch’s girlfriend was also confined, a crime to which the two men pleaded guilty and were sentenced to six-year concurrent sentences. In the case of Veilleux, Justice Popescul stated, “These callous actions require a sentence that properly denounces such deplorable conduct.”

Veilleux was also sentenced to six additional months for his part in a high speed chase during which he was apprehended.