A glimpse back in time is what Vintage Days and the Humboldt Vintage Club is all about. The two day event welcomes attendees to step back in time and experience day to day living from a bygone era. 

It’s been several years since people have been able to gather at the Vintage Club, just 4 km south of Humboldt on Highway 20. So putting things together, getting equipment running, and dusting off the artifacts is a labour of love for the volunteers, including Club Vice-President Ken Klassen.

“The big event for Saturday will be the tractor pull. The barn will be full of animals; we’ve got everything from miniature donkeys to miniature goats to miniature sheep and pot bellied pigs. We’ve got everything.”

Also for the kids is a mini-steam engine with carts for riding, along with mini-horses and pulled carts for more ride-around fun. For adults, the Barley Bin is open serving refreshments throughout the two days. 

This year, the inside displays will include eight local artisans displaying their crafts.

Sunday morning starts off early with a pancake breakfast at 8:00 am, says Klassen. Even “the Queen” is rumoured to be on the guest list as a token of the 70th Jubilee. 

Entertainment will be provided by Shades of Blue, a singing group from Wynyard that also includes Humboldt local volunteer Shirley Armstrong in its ranks.

“It’s a sing-thing with songs from the sixties,” says Armstrong. “Marilyn from Wynyard has a beautiful voice. We have a bass guitar, a local banjo player from Humboldt, and me as the drummer.”

The entertainment goes from 1:00 - 3:00 pm on Sunday. Always a highlight of the Sunday entertainment is the threshing demonstration. The recent rain has wrought a bit of havoc with the cut sheaves, but Klassen is confident that the show will go on. 

“Hopefully our bundles will be dried out by then. We’ve already cut them and if we get some good sunshine for the rest of the week they should be ready to go.”

Visitors can see the one of a kind Herrgott (sic) Implements thresher, with ties to the local Hergott families, obtained from Ontario.

Stay tuned for a closer look at the tractor pulls in our upcoming segment.