Viterra Canada Inc. announced on September 11 that it is continuing its long-standing partnership with STARS to sponsor the 2024 edition of the non-profit’s fundraising calendar. This is the ninth consecutive year that Viterra has covered the full printing costs of the calendar, resulting in more than $2 million in sponsorship to support STARS fundraising efforts. 

“At Viterra, we’re very proud of our partnership with STARS and the positive impact it’s had on patients and their families across Western Canada, including our employees and customers,” said Kyle Jeworski, CEO for Viterra Canada. “In addition to our annual corporate support, we also make the calendars available for purchase across our asset network and I’d like to take this opportunity to thank the Viterra team for its ongoing commitment to selling calendars that share the important stories of STARS’ patients.” 

Daryl Johnson, a Facility Assistant at the Viterra facility in Melfort, SK, recently experienced the impact of STARS firsthand when his son Greg was involved in a farming incident. “I had just arrived to work the afternoon shift when I received a phone call that Greg was in an accident,” said Daryl. “STARS was able to land right at the farm, saving valuable time and providing critical medical care to Greg on the way to the hospital.” After surgery and a lengthy recovery time, Greg is back at work. “Greg, his fiancée Taylor, and our entire family are forever thankful and grateful to have such an important service available in our province,” added Daryl.

The annual STARS calendar campaign is one of the longest-standing fundraisers for STARS. Since the first edition was released in 1994, the calendar has raised millions of dollars in support of STARS. 

“STARS is so grateful for our allies at Viterra and their continued support of our calendar campaign,” said Andrea Robertson, president and CEO, of STARS. “Their steadfast partnership enables us to share the STARS story and raise the funds needed to continue delivering critical care to our patients, no matter where they are in Western Canada.”

“A relationship with a company like Viterra, their work goes right across Western Canada, as does ours, and so to work together in partnership increases the profile of both STARS and Viterra, but for us to receive the proceeds of close to a million dollars is phenomenal.”

Calendars will be available until December 1 to most Viterra locations, and every STARS base. 

“No matter where you live, you’ve got access to one of our bases for sure, or you can go online, and we will direct you where to find them.” 

“The Government of Saskatchewan of course, supports us, and we are very grateful for that 50 percent of funding, but we have to seek the other 50 percent in partnership with individuals in the communities that we serve, so we feel very fortunate to be there, and very fortunate to be supported by a big company like Viterra, it’s amazing.”

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