Supporting those in need in the town of Bruno was the primary goal at this year's Stocking Spectacular in Bruno on Sunday.

"People in Bruno are in need, and I like to help!" says Christmas Cheer Campaign volunteer, Caroll Roussel.

The "Spectacular" event offered goodies at a snack kitchen, with volunteers helping out from the Christmas Cheer Campaign. Janelle Lawrence, Tessa Basset, Jenna Hering, Andria Lepage and Caroll Roussel served up smiles along with the baked goods on offer and were enthused about their volunteer work for the campaign. Everything to supply the kitchen and run the event was made possible through donations from the community, with the proceeds going right back into the town of Bruno.

"All proceeds we are raising today is going towards our Christmas Cheer campaign, which is helping families in need over Christmas and it's staying in Bruno," says Lawrence. The volunteers are grateful for the support from the community and to all involved.

"I'd like to say thank you to everybody that helped with the booth this year. It's really, really appreciated!" says Lawrence. Roussel says she would also like to thank those who contributed to the fundraising efforts. "Thank you to everyone who's been giving, and (they're encouraged) to keep on giving because it's for the children too, and the families."

The full-day Christmas trade show attracted people of all ages, as there was something for everybody this year, says event organizer, Vickianne Caswell. There were door prizes, which consisted of food, monetary, and toys donations. This was the first year where the whole family could participate in fun activities at the annual trade show. 

"We've added some children's activities. We've had a colouring table and a craft table for the kids to come and make a reindeer frame. We've had face painting and tattoos and a table where they can buy something, paint it and take it home."

Santa Claus' well-received appearance at this year's show delighted many youngsters, who each received a treat.  "He did a great job on short notice!" says Caswell appreciatively.

Caswell says there was a "cutest kid outfit contest", with runners-up receiving a Freckles the Bunny series book, and the winner taking home a gift bag.

This was the first year running the show for Caswell, and she is looking forward to organizing another similar show in the spring.

"We're doing an Easter one as well with the Easter Bunny coming out for the kids and we're looking forward to planning that one next!"