October 1st kicks off a new month but also an important nartional awerness week; to walk your dog! It's not just good for your dog..its good for you too!...

  • Autumn is a great time to get out and start walking. You can enjoy the leaves changing color, the crispness in the air and it gives you time to reflect on the year and helps you to make new changes for the coming year...healthy ones!
  • With the holidays upon you, you can start to create a healthy way to avoid the dreaded weight gain that often comes from too many holiday goodies because you have set a new habit in motion.
  • If you and/or your dog are overweight, walk just 30 minutes a day, three times a week, and you can lower blood pressure, increase energy, heighten your sense of happiness and well being, reduce your weight by 5% and your dog's by 15%.
  • Think about how healthy you and your best friend will be if you walked 7 days a week, every week! Even after just one solid week of walking for 15 mins. a day, you'll feel awesome as you raise the levels of endorphins in your brain, which combats depression and anxiety. You'll also notice a change in your dog's behavior as well.
  • Even if you just walked 2-3 times a week for 20 minutes each time....you and your dog will feel phenomenal!! If you can run your dog....you'll notice a faster change in his or her behavior. Positive changes in behavior lead to a happier you, which in turn, leads to a happy dog and a happy home. A happy home means that Spot won't get dumped at the shelter because no one can deal with his behavior issues anymore. So take a walk.....and save a life!


  Even if you DON'T have a dog. you can take part in National Walk Your Dog Awareness Week. The Humboldt SPCA are all ways wlecoming volinteers walker's for those that are waiting for their new homes. Who knows, maybe you'll find your next best friend. Call the humboldt SPCA at 682-5550!