While some parts of the province may see double-digit temperatures on the plus side, Humboldt and area residents will feel a noticeable warming trend, although not to record extremes. It’s a change of pace from the below normal temperatures experienced.

``We've got mild temperatures across most of Saskatchewan because the jet stream has been pushed farther to the north,” explains meteorologist Terri Lang with Environment and Climate Change Canada. “That means lots of warmer air coming in with southwesterly “Chinook” winds bringing those milder temperatures in.”

Temperatures in the region are predicted to hover near zero, spiking on the positive single digits on Friday. That means a likely reduction in the accumulated snow pack. The ridge will deflect all the active weather systems to the north meaning skies should remain relatively clear into the weekend. Limited precipitation is expected, which is good news for area highways. When it comes to icy conditions however, we may not be entirely out of the woods, Lang explains. 

“Unfortunately, there’s going to be a freeze thaw cycle through the week, and there’s enough snow to melt. When it melts on the road and the temperature drops below freezing, then we do have  problems with black ice. That’s probably going to continue for the week, unfortunately.” On the bright side, the absence of weather systems means strong winds should not be a factor with the warm air. 

The ridge is expected to break down next week and introduce more active weather with cooler temperatures and precipitation, says Lang, returning us “to reality.”

With the cold start to November and a warm exit, Lang says the monthly mean temperature will likely average out.

“We did start out with below average temperature, and now we’re into the milder stuff, so sort of a backwards November.

The two main messages are to watch the highways for changing conditions and enjoy the warmer stuff, because it’s not going to last.