A little rain flirted with the crowd on Saturday at the first ever Humboldt Filipino Music and Food Street Festival, but that didn’t discourage residents and visitors from flocking to Water Ridge Park. 

Eventually the clouds gave way and the dignitaries on hand stepped up to the microphone to officially kick off the celebration. On hand were provincial NDP leader Carla Beck, MLA for Melfort Todd Goody, Humboldt Mayor Michael Behiel, and a host of others who spent much of the afternoon partaking in the food and enjoying the music. Local Filipino operated businesses were on hand including Humboldt Ink, who were instrumental in supporting the cause. 

Along with the great bands, karaoke, and warm hospitality, there was also they wonderful food. It ranged from succulent noodle dishes, barbecued pork and chicken, grilled pork belly, sumptuous dumplings …. the list goes on. 

Thanks to everyone who supported this wonderful event. Enjoy the sights and sounds of our Saturday visit.