With school officially out for the summer, the Saskatchewan government aims to remind river and lake-goers about provincial watercraft inspection stations.

Watercraft owners are advised to thoroughly clean their crafts and all equipment and drain all water. As well as allow time to dry, ideally for five days, and remove the plug before transporting, as it's mandatory. 

This includes boats, canoes, kayaks, jet skis, paddleboards, and more, even if the subject is just passing through. 

Following the proper steps to prepare the watercraft for transportation and stopping at all inspection stations can drastically reduce the chances of bringing aquatic invasive species to Saskatchewan's waters.

According to Saskatchewan fisheries regulations, "possessing prohibited species such as zebra or quagga mussels is a violation, even if the organisms attached to your boat are dead."

Those caught carrying aquatic invasive species will have their watercraft quarantined and receive a fine starting at $500.

Anyone who's purchased a watercraft outside of the province in the fall, after inspection is closed, can contact the Ministry of Environment at 1 (800)567-4224 to set up an inspection.