As the Town of Watrous heads into the final stages of completing the installation of a new reverse osmosis system, they have placed the community under a precautionary drinking water advisory.

The advisory has been in place since 10:00am on October 5, and is not expected to be lifted until the final week of October.

The Water Security Agency says that the advisory was made due to water main cleaning, and the intermittent depressurization of the distribution system.

Residents can expect to see discoloured water throughout the approximate three week process.

Following the full completion and installation of the system, testing will be done to ensure proper requirements are met.

Meantime, the Water Security Agency advises residents to boil all water for at least one minute prior to usage. This includes for drinking, as well as brushing teeth, washing fruits and vegetables, and even making ice cubes.

They also advise not to drink from public fountains.

Full operation of the reverse osmosis system is expected to be during the first week of November.