With a number of downtown businesses shutting their doors in Watrous the town is now looking for help from residents, entrepreneurs and visitors for ideas to help sustain their core.

Community Development Officer Brendan Manz isn't concerned with the closures as he credits succession and attrition but he admits the timing for this survey is ideal.

Watrous is now one of 11 Saskatchewan communities recognized in the provincial Main Street Program and now one of the first things they are implementing is this online survey to hear about what people think of their downtown core.

The program does focus a good percentage of it's ideas on the historical aspect but Manz says they can definitely use it to it's full advantages.

"I guess maybe not so much on the historic side for us but we realize that our downtown is a vital part of our community. As a tourist destination we understand that when people come in to your community where they spend their money is generally in your downtown core."

The Main Street Program is based on a four point approach covering community organization, economic restructuring, heritage conservation and promotion.

"I really wanted to get a sense of what people thought and felt about it," Manz added. "That's what the survey is all about, so we're encouraging people to go to WatrousMainStreet.com and fill out the short five minute survey and let us know what you think."

Manz says everything from signage, how welcoming the community is, store fronts, events that are held on Main Street plus safety are all some topics the survey covers.

He said they will have the survey up until the end of September, a report will be drawn up in October releasing the findings. Manz hopes to have a public meeting in October as well presenting the results to the public.

You can hear more from Manz in his interview with Bolt FM's Clark Stork below.