The Polar Bear Icebreaker event, scheduled for Saturday, May 4th at Lucien Lake Regional Park's beachfront, is gearing up for a day of icy thrills and heartfelt generosity. Patty Heath, Fundraising Coordinator with Bethany Pioneer Village elaborates on the event's mission.

"Our polar bear icebreaker takes place on Saturday, May 4th at Lucien Lake Regional Park on the beachfront. So, what we're doing is raising money for new tubs for Aspen Manor."

This noble cause ensures that the residents continue to enjoy their warm dips. 

Heath encourages participation by highlighting the ease of registration. "You register online at Follow the link and you can fill in there."

She emphasizes the inclusive nature of the event, mentioning, "Absolutely. People can come and watch. You can make donations to people if you like."  There are currently over 30 people registered for the event and you can also register the day of. 

The event also offers the option to recognize Inez Herman as the honorary polar bear, celebrating her remarkable journey as "one of the first nurses at Bethany Pioneer Village back in the early 70s" and will be centenarian residing at Birch Manor. Heath confirms, "No, no, she's going to watch, but she'll pass on the dipping." 

After the plunge, participants and spectators alike can gather at the Silver Willow Room for a hearty meal.

"Yeah, after the dip, you can come on over to our Silver Willow Room and we will have chili, bun, and a drink for $10 and we will be having our awards." The festivities extend beyond the plunge, with prizes for top fundraisers and costumes. A promising day of fun and community spirit. 

The picturesque setting of Lucien Lake in just 25 minutes north of Humboldt. Heath's enthusiasm is infectious as she invites everyone to "come on out, enjoy the day. It's going to be a lot of fun." 

Inez Polar Bear