The HCI Mohawks will be playing their annual Alumni game under the lights on Friday, September 22 as they take on Foam Lake at Glenn Hall Park. 

Kickoff takes place at 7:15 p.m., with a pre-game BBQ taking place beforehand. 

“There is a BBQ, so it would be great for people to show up, all the proceeds are going to help the team fund their season, and there will be a 50/50, again another way people can help support the team,” said Brian Grest, Student Activities Coordinator. 

The game under the lights is also a way for Alumni to socialize, as there is no planned after-game meetup. 

“There is a pre-game BBQ that we are hoping Alumni from all years will show up for and have a chance to have a good visit for a good hour before the game time, and then at half time the acknowledgment of the 2008-2010 championship teams, as well as a picture of every single Alumnus that shows up for the game.”

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