The Mind Body Spirit Wellness Fair in Lake Lenore, held last Saturday, has gained traction since its opening year last year. The gathering brought in more people and from further afield, all exploring the possibilities of various healing properties brought by practitioners of various healing arts.  

One of those healers was Arlene Jule, who practices a form of heart centered energy medicine. 

“With my heart and my hands, which represent compassion and caring, I will provide different techniques for a client that may want some healing within their body or in their life,” explains Jule. “It’s a science of energy and knowing that healing energy can help a person to heal as a complementary therapy to assistance from medical doctors.” 

Jule has been practicing since 2017. The therapy considers that relaxation of the body and mind are at the centre of healing touch. She explains that the body goes into a healing mode when a person is relaxed and the process Jule undertakes seeks to relax the body and identify and alleviate “stuck energy” that is not conducive to healing. This is particularly important in cases where an individual has experienced trauma and hasn’t been successful in addressing it. 

The practice is a cooperative venture between the practitioner and the client, where one willingly receives the energy from the other to forward progress.  

“Practitioners are reminders that that everybody’s body, everybody’s life has a constant calling to heal themselves and to have a healthy and happy life,” Jule says. Jule combines here knowledge of energy healing with her work as a doula, a supporter for women before, during and after the birth of their children. That practice has taken Jule to Africa to provide service on numerous occasions. 

Wellness Fair 4.JPG The gang from Mozart SymPAWthy Animal Sanctuary. 

For others, it was an opportunity to broaden outreach for their cause, as in the cast of Verno Hermiston from Mozart SymPAWthy Animal Sanctuary. The organization operates in the tiny community of Mozart, just east of Wynyard. The group is in its third year with a mission to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome cats and dogs in rural areas. Their outreach thus far is about a 200 kilometre radius. Hermiston and her staff respond to calls or texts about situations where animals’ well-being is compromised. They determine the situation and respond as quickly as possible.  

The sanctuary offers an adoption service for the rescues.  

“We have the sanctuary in Mozart. We have cats year-round and people can come to see them to adopt. We have dogs in the summer; many dogs and puppies, cats and kittens are at another location south of Mozart.” 

It’s simply a matter of contacting Mozart SymPAWthy to set up an appointment and see the animals available for adoption.  

Like all animal rescue operations, costs for food, lodging and veterinary care continue to soar, so Mozart SymPAWthy undertakes various fundraisers. At the Wellness Fair, the group had a delightful array of branded goods for any animal lover, with the money all going back to helping their animal charges.  

“We’re always trying to think of new ways to support the animal sanctuary,” Hermiston says. “We have a 50/50 raffle that will be drawn on our ‘PAWS ivarsary’, and every two months, we have an opportunity to win a gift certificate for our Waggin’ Wheelz Veterinary Service in Wynyard. We always welcome donations.” 

Many more vendors, craftspeople and organizations once again pitched in to make the sophomore year of the Mind Body Spirit Wellness Fair a must attend on the spring calendar.