While many areas have received what they needed in terms of moisture to get plenty of hay for producers, others have been left dry.

Good spring runoff and occasional rains have resulted in stable hay yields in the northern and eastern parts of the province, but that's not the case out west.

That area, especially the southwest, is still under dry conditions and hay stocks haven't quite recovered from last year.

Saskatchewan stock growers association president Garner Deobald says he hopes that hay producers in other areas of the province can lend a helping hand..

"The years had challenges I guess, just like most years and it's been different for many across the province here. Springtime ended up being a bit of a long winter for some with significant snow storms and lots of spring runoff in the east and the northern parts of the province. But here in the southwest, again we've had some timely rains but there are some areas that are back to where we were a year ago in a severe drought situation."

The connection that producers can make across the province are very important to help out those producers.

"We're sure appreciative of any grain farmers that will go above and beyond and offer straw up for sale or help out any way they can. With the drought situation and the feed shortage areas here," said Deobald, "There definitely are people that are looking for straw and anyone to reach out and make that connection."

Those connections can be made online, with social media playing an important role to keep people connected.

"They can reach out to the stock grower office or visit our Facebook page," said Deobald, "There we'd be able to list it and hopefully make that connection for any farmers or ranchers that are looking for that straw."