The public is invited to drop by the Westminster United Church on Sunday afternoon for a musical celebration. The congregation is dedicating a new decorative stained glass window that gives a nod to the power of music in our lives. Dale Avison, a talented and well-known area musician, talks about the afternoon performance. 

“There’s a dedication service that morning for a new stained glass window that was donated,” says Avison. “Because the window is dedicated to musicians of the church, we thought we’d have a musicians’ concert.”

Westminster Church has always harboured some of the region's finest musicians, and they’ll get a chance to showcase their talents on Sunday afternoon. Among those performing will be Maxine Moore, Kevin and Michele Ackerman, Joan Jackson, Ian Elliot, and Avison himself, along with others. There will be some non-musical performances as well. 

The public is invited to attend the celebration gathering on Sunday, February 12, 2:30 pm at the Westminster United Church. Admission is a silver collection with proceeds going to Westminster United Church charities.