Hey there, Allie Ramsay here! Men's Health says your office says a lot about you... Here's their examples:

  • If you have trophies, letters of praise and photos of you with celebs you want to excel.
  • If you have pictures, plants and M&M's in a bowl you're a big softy.
  • If you have neat, 3-foot stacks of files and a do-not-disturb sign you're overworked, antisocial and disorganized.
  • Is your office spotless, with everything in perfect alignment? You're obsessive compulsive and need more work.
  • Is your office full of CDs, Pez dispensers and toys? You're outgoing and creative, or you just want to seem that way.
  • If you have old newspapers, coffee cups, magazines and files everywhere you're too busy to worry about cleaning.

So what does your office say about you? The studio is pretty much my office... Seems sorta clean to me?

Have a great day! :)
Allie Ramsay