We’ll have at least one more day of wintry conditions polishing area highways.  

The Highway Hotline indicates winter driving conditions throughout central Saskatchewan as of Thursday morning. The accumulation of snow and near zero temperatures yesterday have left patches of glare ice, icy ridges down the snow track, and accumulations in sheltered areas due to ground drift.  

Those conditions are expected to continue today with an additional 2-4 cms of snow incoming. Temperatures are not likely to see the plus side until well into Friday, so expect road conditions to be dodgy for the next 24-36 hours. 

Reports of a jackknifed semi on Highway 5 near Sunset Estates yesterday with several cars in ditches gave testament to the icy conditions.  

As we get to Thursday night, the low itself will start to dissipate and pull off towards the east,” says Environment Canada meteorologist Eric Sykes. “As a result, the flurries will start to dissipate somewhat such that by Friday we just have some clouds and perhaps light chance of some very meager flurries on Friday before everything clears on Friday night.” 

Take care on the highways over the next day or so and consult the Highway Hotline for the latest details.