The Reid Thompson Library is getting a facelift. 

The entrance and the front windows and solarium area are seeing a retrofitting happen over the next few days. The reno project has been on the books for some time, and recent rains haven’t helped speed up the process. Undaunted, workers are pressing on to give the front facade and the interior a new look, says Mike Ulriksen, Director of Community and Leisure Services.  

“The City and the Library Board have been working together to put some money aside for the solarium and the street facing side. There have been issues over the years with water infiltration, and with age, it started to deteriorate.” 

Work has been under way during the week, Ulriksen says. The front portion of the library is being removed and replaced with an upgraded sunroom style feature. The large streetscape windows will still be a key element with a more modern look. 

The original plan was to have the work completed in a week, but Mother Nature had a hand in delays with rainfall over several days.  

“Once the existing solarium is ripped off, we’re looking at about a two-day window to get the new infrastructure in place and closed in. Then there will be some work on the inside of the building with drywall and lighting.” 

The hope is for the project to be completed by the end of next week, Ulriksen estimates.  

During the renovation time, the library remains open by using the north door. Regular programming continues during the construction.