A group of students gathered for the second annual Youth Writers at the Humboldt and District Gallery on Wednesday, March 6. The presenters' work represented a wide range of styles and genres. 

The act of writing takes bravery in and of itself, and to stand in front of an audience to present the work can be an extension outside anyone’s comfort zone. The writers acknowledge the personal nature of their work and delivered in free verse, in rhyming couplets, or in whatever form they felt at home conveying their thoughts and creativity. 

In almost all cases, the work was an exercise in searching – whether for belonging, for understanding, to call out a plight, or to offer thoughts of hope and optimism. There is a therapeutic element to writing, and in sharing their works, the young artists recognize that there is a community of like-minded thinkers, willing to share and support.  

For every writer, there is a passion and a drive to write and for that work to find voice. 

“It’s all the things I love,” says grade 7 writer Christina Pratchler who presented her work. “I love to write about animals, anime and manga, and my friends. “I can express ideas through words without having to talk. 

Rena Tatad explains it’s a matter of writing for herself at times, and at other times, it’s a matter of wanting to express her ideas to others. 

“Sometimes I write when I’m bored, but if I’m writing something to share, I want it to have a message so that people can figure it out. That’s what makes writing so interesting. Creative writing is a way of getting messages to others without saying actually what you want to say.” 

Thanks to the following presenters for sharing their work: Aleks Burton, Rena Tatad, Christina Pratchler, Ellie-Lauren Flynn, Cassandra Fehr, and Tyra Klitch. Those to all the lovers of word who came to support them.