On a cool Thursday afternoon, the Horizon Central Athletic Association held pre-districts for high school cross country.

The region was split with one set of races in Middle Lake, and the other taking place in Wynyard.

Pre-districts are used to slim down the field that heads to districts, and ultimately on to the provincial championships on October 17 in Saskatoon.

The top ten runners in reach race qualify to the HCAA District Championships which will be held in Wynyard on Wednesday, October 7.

Wynyard will have the most representation at districts with a total of 24 runners qualifying. Lake Lenore and Middle Lake tied for second, as both schools will send a total of 22 runners each.

Lake Lenore and Strasbourg tied for the most individual race winners with five each.

A total of 214 runners qualified for districts.

Race Winners - Middle Lake
Peewee Girls (2km) - Cara Dobrohoczki, Middle Lake
Peewee Boys (2km) - Rayden Ottmann, St. Augustine Humboldt
Peewee Girls (3km) - Julianna Engele-Lueke, St. Augustine Humboldt
Peewee Boys (3km) - Garrett Miller, St. Brieux
Bantam Girls (3km) - Jade Smith, Lake Lenore
Bantam Boys (3km) - Dalton Kiedrowski, Lake Lenore
Midget Girls (3km) - Jenna Giddings, Humboldt Collegiate
Midget Boys (4km) - Joel Schemenauer, Lake Lenore
Junior Girls (4km) - Maya Berscheid, Humboldt Collegiate
Junior Boys (5km) - Jamie Davis, Lake Lenore
Senior Girls (4km) - Angela Baran, Humboldt Collegiate
Senior Boys (6km) - Adam Gerwing, Lake Lenore
Runners to Districts (by school) - Lake Lenore, Middle Lake (22), Muenster (17), Annaheim (9), Humboldt Collegiate (7), Humboldt Public, St. Dominic Humboldt (5), Cudworth (4), St. Augustine Humboldt, Wakaw (3), Bruno (2), Bellevue (1).

Race Winners - Wynyard
Peewee Girls (2km) - Kira Wignes, Viscount
Peewee Boys (2km) - Koby Faubert, Wadena Composite
Peewee Girls (3km) - Alyssa Regie, LeRoy
Peewee Boys (3km) - Adam Mytopher, Strasbourg
Bantam Girls (3km) - Hannah Friesen, Watson
Bantam Boys (3km) - Kalen Ukrainetz, Wynyard Composite
Midget Girls (3km) - Alyson Edwards, Strasbourg
Midget Boys (4km) - Shaye Frizzell, Strasbourg
Junior Girls (4km) - Ashley Hards, Watrous High
Junior Boys (5km) - Brayden Mytopher, Strasbourg
Senior Girls (4km) - Martina Leader, Foam Lake Composite
Senior Boys (6km) - Adrian Kasick, Strasbourg
Runners to Districts (by school) - Wynyard Composite (24), Strasbourg (14), Wadena Composite (9), Imperial (7), Watrous High (6), Foam Lake Composite, Punnichy, Raymore (4), Watrous Elementary, Foam Lake Elementary, Holdfast, Rose Valley, Watson (3), Viscount, Gordon, Wadena Elementary, Englefeld, Wynyard Elementary, Kawacatoose (2), Ituna, Lanigan Elementary, LeRoy, Archerwill, Kelvington High (1).