Arts Humboldt held three major events for the Humboldt area in 2023, and are always looking for more events to host, says Brian Grest with Arts Humboldt. 

“There were three major things this past year, number one being our highlight event bringing in Missoula Children’s Theatre for the Humboldt area youth K-12 students,” stated Grest. “We were also able to have a kickoff concert in the park this summer leading up to the Summer Sizzler.”

Grest explained that Arts Humboldt has an ongoing progam called Kinder Creators.

“It’s basically a free arts program for pre-kindergarten children and it’s run by one of our members, Caitlin Senko, and she does a fantastic job of getting young kids involved and interested in the arts.”

Grest says the organization is looking to gain their momentum post-COVID, adn are looking forward to the new year.

“Thank you to the people in Humboldt and area for the support that they do give to the programming that we do offer.”