Arts Humboldt has worked hard over the last year to bring shows and events to Humboldt and the area. 

“It’s been a slow year, but a successful year,” says Brian Grest, Treasurer for Arts Humboldt. 

He says that the organization was finally able to bring shows back to Humboldt after a few years of waiting, due to COVID. 

“We had a concert in the park, we welcomed Missoula Children's Theatre back after 3 years away and it was a huge success with over 60 kids involved and the attendance for both shows was the highest we’ve ever had.”

Grest says that one of the challenges faced this year was a lack of attendance. 

“Some of the concerts weren’t very well attended, although we just ended on a high note. We had Jeffery Straker in town and that was a packed house so that kinda made up for the ones in the summer that didn’t go quite as successfully.”

Arts Humboldt says as of now, no shows are in the works, but they will keep an eye out for anything coming Humboldt’s way. 

“Whenever the next opportunity comes along, we will probably jump at it and see what we can do.”

Grest says Arts Humboldt is very thankful to the community for supporting them. 

“We are very thankful for everyone in the community of Humboldt who stands behind us when we put on events. Generally speaking, when we are able to put some money away in the bank, we are holding on to that for a time and a place where we can hopefully furnish and or equip new and or renovated performing arts theatre in Humboldt.”