The Humboldt and District Museum and Gallery has been host to many events throughout the 2022 year, keeping busy regularly to entertain and educate the many citizens of Humboldt. 

“It was a great year for us, lots of community engagement we saw coming out of the pandemic. There are attendance increases whether it be the Museum, the Gallery, or the water tower. Lots of people wanting to come back and connect, and have that sense of belonging again,” said Jennifer Fitzpatrick, Director of Cultural Services. 

The Gallery was host to many professional and emerging artists, hosting stories of immigrant women, indigenous issues, and their member shows. 

The Museum celebrated its 40th anniversary and created an exhibit around the celebration.

“Really proud to have so much community support over the last 40 years and looking to see where that is going in the future.”

Fitzpatrick says the big thing for the public art sector was working with Kevin PeeAce for the reconciliation mural, unveiled on National Truth and Reconciliation Day. 

“It’s been a very busy and very fantastic year for our department.”

Fitzpatrick says that one of the challenges they faced this year was the different wants and needs of the different art sectors. 

“Because we operate in 5 core areas, we always have competing interests, so just to ensure we have the time and energy to meet all the community needs. We are really thankful to have such fantastic community support through our volunteers.”

 She says with all the partnerships made throughout the year, and will hopefully remain intact for 2023, it’s looking to be another great year. 

“I think 2023 is going to be a fantastic year for us, we are almost at our pre-COVID levels, and we tend to meet and exceed that.”

Fitzpatrick says they have some big exhibits on its way to the museum, and some great artwork coming to the Gallery as well. 

“All of our entities across the board are really looking forward to 2023 and contributing to the community.”