The Humboldt and District Hospital Foundation has had a very busy, but eventful year, says Executive Director Lorrie Bunko. 

“Our first and foremost major accomplishment this year is that we were able to return to our offices at the Hospital in May.”

She says the generosity of donors allowed them to fulfill their funding commitments for the 2021-22 year. 

“We were able to host our donor recognition event that was held in Fall, in which we recognized donors from 2018- 21. We were also able to announce four new areas of our hospital that are named in recognition of two individuals, one corporation, and one charitable organization.”

On the flip side of all the accomplishments, the Hospital Foundation didn't come without its hardships. 

“Usually, we don't face any type of struggle, but this year we did. We saw an extremely higher than normal unexpected critical request for equipment come in. We are generally financially prepared for these unexpected instances, as we never want to jeopardize any of our services. This year, however, the combined costs of these requests were an excess of 700,000 dollars.” 

She says they are fortunate to have a healthy working relationship with the Saskatchewan Health Authority and the Ministry of Health to work through such requests.

Bunko says some big events are coming out next year. 

“Aside from our signature events, we are working with PARTNERS Family Services to host the Walking Each Other Home Gala featuring Dr. Jody Carrington in may of 2023. This event is not only a fundraiser to support mental health and addictions services throughout our region, but to connect people to laugh, learn, and remind ourselves that we don’t know what others are going through and that we need to be kinder to each other.”