For all five of the youth writers presenting at the Humboldt and District Gallery, their first time presenting to an audience was fraught with nerves, but also with a sense of pride. The Gallery’s first Youth Writers Night brought new presenters from three communities together with families and friends to celebrate their new work.

The evening was MCed by HCI student Candice Mangiwet, whose ease at the mike and welcoming manner made everyone feel at home. 

Cassandra Fehr from Humboldt read a pair of poems. “Not a Second of Peace” provided an introspective search for grounding and reality. The work was confidently delivered with attention to imagery and creative turns of phrase. “My Oasis” provided a declaration of sovereignty over the artist’s body and will.

Ainsley Burton of Englefeld is a writer of novels and many other formats. Her work reflected on the trials and passions of the writer, and gave a nod to the wealth of experience that forms the foundation of a writer’s work. “Don’t burn the book of stories you haven’t written yet” was one or numerous memorable lines. 

Makayla Futoransky of Humboldt read from her fiction work that explored friendship and newly discovered love along with the numerous distresses of teenage life. Her work unfolded through deft, quick moving dialogue. 

Ellie-Lauren Flynn from Quill Lake shared her work inspired by a modern interpretation of the Greek-Trojan war story of Achilles and Patroclus. It’s a story of love lost in the harshness of war. 

Tyra Klitch wrapped up the readings with a pair of heartfelt poems challenging family and parents to be mindful of their relationships with children. Her work explores the liberating functions of writing in the writer’s life.

The evening concluded with a wonderful animated discussion about writing approaches, the inspirations for works, audience and family responses to the works. The evening was inspired by a pair of adult writers nights held earlier in the spring.