Humboldt Hustle

Humboldt Hustle

The largest scavenger hunt in the history of Humboldt is happening once again on Saturday, October 21st, 2023!

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Contestants will make a donation to HDHF and register a team of two into the “amazing race” style scavenger hunt.

Early bird pricing $50 per person, $100 for a team. (pricing valid for the month of September)

Regular pricing $60 per person, $120 for a team. (pricing valid from Oct 1 - 10th)


The contestants will compete for a pair of E-Bikes from Biktrix in Saskatoon. These custom bikes are the Kutty FS model with custom decals. The pair of bikes it worth over $4000.00!

Teams will make stops that include local businesses and community landmarks. The teams will have special tasks to complete at each of these stops and the team that gets the highest score from these tasks will compete for the grand prize.

Deadline to enter is October 10th, 2023.

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*The information from entries will be shared with the HDHF as they are the recipients of the donation.
**Rules and regulations