Steak Night/Silent Auction Fundraiser for Service Dog for Gail Maki

Friday, Mar 22, 2019 at 5:30 PM

COCKTAILS - 5:30pm
SUPPER 6:00pm
CALL SUSAN - 306 231 9963, CLAUDINE 306 231 5410 or GAIL 306 873 0315 FOR MORE INFO
I’ve been living with Type I diabetes for 41 years since the age of 12. Diabetes is an invisible
disability that does not improve with age or time. I have seen many advancements in diabetic
research and management to slow down complications of the disease but none as impactful as a
Diabetic Alert Service Dog. In terms of glucose monitoring and control, a Diabetic Alert Service
Dog can do what current technology and science cannot. Due to a their keen sense of smell, they
can detect blood glucose levels that become out of range before it happens. The service dog can
correctly detect these out of range levels up to an hour before the blood glucose meter is able to.
This gives the diabetic handler time to respond and correct their blood glucose, preventing a
potentially fatal physiological response. Additionally, this prevention of dangerous blood
glucose highs or lows allows tighter control of the disease, aiding in the prevention of diabetic
My service dog (Echo) I have now is 7 yrs old and will be retiring in approximately 2-3 years.
Service dogs have a working span of 9-10 years. She has allowed me more freedom and a sense
of security for not just me but my family; knowing that she’s there to look after me. She has
allowed me to return to work and get proper rest as she wakes me up at night if my blood sugars
go out of range. I have decided to get another service dog to help me continue fighting against
the complications and controlling diabetes. I am hoping to get my new service dog in the Spring
of 2019. This will involve training the dog for 2 years with a trainer and with Echo helping to
mentor. It takes approximately 2 years to fully train a service dog.


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