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March 16

Happy 49th Birthday Terry Zimmerman
Happy Birthday to an amazing father and husband! We love you! Tammy, Tanner and Tia.

Happy Birthday Brittany 
Happy Birthday Brittany! From Grandma Liz, Brenda, Kim and Sandra 

Happy 28th Birthday Jenna Hale
Happy Birthday Jenna, hope you have a great day! Love Lindsay

Happy 2nd Birthday Lexa Dahl
Happy 2nd Birthday Lexa.. love grandma and grandpa Dahl

March 17

Happy 42nd Birthday Crystal LeBlanc
Wishing an awesome birthday for an awesome daughter! All the luck of the Irish to you! Love from Mom and Dad

Thanks, Mom for putting up with 5 crazy boys, teaching us how to stay clean, and being there when we need you. Happy Birthday From The Boys and Gilles

March 18

Happy Birthday Curtis 
Happy Birthday to Curtis, from his daughters Teagan & Jordan 

March 19

Happy 4th Birthday Gunnar Lane Wacker
Greetins from Great Grandma Vorgen 

March 20

Happy 58th Birthday Glenn Suer
Happy Birthday Grandpa Glenn Suer! Love Avery and Oaklyn!

Happy 13th Birthday Ashten Wright
Happy 13 Birthday Buddy!!! From mom, dad, Dairien, Colton, Shae, Nathan and Sierra

Happy 33rd Birthday Jeremy Strueby
Happy Birthday Jeremy from your entire family both near and far. Have a great day!!

March 24

Happy 14th Birthday Katherine Possberg
Lots of love to you, Katherine. Grandma and Grandpa

March 25

Happy 29th Birthday Morley Zerbin
Happy Birthday Morley! Love the in laws

March 28

Happy 24th Birthday Michael Sorokoski
Happy Birthday Mike, have a great day! Love Lindsay, Scott, Braxx and Boss

Happy 8th Birthday Peyton Kochan
Happy Birthday to our beautiful granddaughter Peyton, love Grandma and Grandpa Hoppe

Happy 22nd Birthday Heather Pratchler
Hope you have a very happy 22nd birthday Heather.Love Auntie Corine and Uncle Tom

March 29

Happy 47th Birthday Diane Meyer
Happy Birthday Diane, have a great day , love from Adela and Henry

Happy 58th Birthday Keith Barkey
Happy Birthday Keefer! Hope you enjoy your relaxing birthday! Love you, Chris

March 31

Happy 21st Birthday Robyn Lopinski
Happy Birthday Robyn. Have a great day, lots of Love your way. Love Grama Marianne is Westman's only source for community news and information such as weather and classifieds.