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Class act Central Canadian crooner. Committed to community, compassionate about his craft and gifted with crystal clear pop-infused vocals that are guaranteed to catch your attention!

Graham Dyck soars after several chance encounters help him learn how to fly, “How does a bluebird start to fly when the light has left the sky? How do you sing a love song at all when I’m drowning in the tears that don’t fall?” ~ Graham Dyck (Walking in the Rain).

Some may say that the legacy left behind by musical legends such Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and Bobby Darin will never be matched. Dedicating their lives to their craft - it was their natural talents, unforgettable personalities and sharp style that helped them stand amongst the rest. For Delisle, Saskatchewan class act crooner Graham Dyck

(a man very familiar with the achievements of his idols) it’s a challenge he’s willing to accept.

Unlike his successors, Graham Dyck didn’t groom and perfect his musical gifts from his youth. Thanks to a series of chance encounters - these gifts would present themselves unannounced and when they did he knew there was no way they should go to waste. Drawing countless comparisons to Canadian icon, Michael Buble - the vocals of Graham Dyck are crisp, his stage presence well crafted and his passion to succeed - undeniable. Singing for friends at a wedding, the fire inside would ignite when the positive response received was overwhelming. This would soon lead to a random meeting with Saskatoon Jazz legend, Maurice Drouin who would take note of Graham’s talents, take him under his wing and eventually mentor him to help him grow as a musician and entertainer.

While weekend appearances at several Saskatoon care homes and performances for those less fortunate would showcase his Saskatchewan heart, it would take winning a CBC Radio singing contest to help him decide that the time was right to finally enter the studio to release his anticipated debut ‘Just For You’ in 2012. A well-rounded introduction featuring classic covers and live cuts - this debut would open the door to sold out shows, notable Saskatchewan Jazz Festival performances, national anthems and intimate gigs province-wide.

Under the tutelage of Maurice Drouin and only after a few short years in the business, Graham Dyck continues to soar. Currently putting the finishing touches on a Jazz standard album of recognizable classics with Maurice entitled ‘Night and Day’ - fans will finally be able to hear what makes his talents so truly unique as he prepares to release his pop-infused debut “Find Myself” ... an album composed entirely of originals.

Inspired by the success of those before him and with his sights firmly set on the future, the career of Graham Dyck is ready to take flight yet again. If you prefer your music to be powerful, personable and full of life, I’m fairly certain he’d love to have you along for the ride! ~ Taron Cochrane Entertainment

You can check him out here.
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