107.5 Bolt FM, DiscoverHumboldt.com and Safe Communities Humboldt & Area
want you to stay safe with rail safety tips. The communities in our area bloomed in
their early days thanks to the railroad and now most of them have active
railroad tracks and crossings, making rail safety extremely important to us.

Safe Communities Humboldt and Area has been helping educate children from
Kindergarten through Grade 8 in our area about rail safety through the #CrossSAFE Rail Safety Program.

During this period the kids will be completing artwork and/or videos for the contest submissions.
The local Student Action Squad (SAS) will narrow down the submissions which the community will then vote on from
May 25th to June 5th right here on DiscoverHumboldt.com.

The artists of the favourite submissions will each receive a prize!

In the meantime stay tuned to this page to receive rail safety tips for all ages from
The Bolt FM Staff and Safe Communities Humboldt & Area.
Special thanks to Parachute and CN for providing us with valuable information and program support.

Rail Safety

Put Away Your Phone At Rail Crossings

Today's trains are faster and quieter than ever before. That's why you shouldn't let your headphones, cell phone or other gadget distract you from seeing or hearing a train. It's also a bad idea to…

A Train Can't Stop On A Dime

How long do you think it takes for a train to stop - even under emergency breaking? No, it's more than that. Keep guessing. In fact, a train can take up to two kilometres to come to a halt. That - in…
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Rail Safety

Check back soon for updates!

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