In what is being touted as the biggest changes to Saskatchewan liquor regulations since prohibition, government owned stores are going to become privatized if the SaskParty wins the next election.

Acting on recommendations from public consultations, Sask Liquor and Gaming Minister Don McMorris announced on Wednesday that 40 government owned liquor stores will be privatized next spring.

"People are expecting change, they want more convenience, more choice and competitive pricing," McMorris told reporters.

Eight stores in the Humboldt region will be sold off, not the one in the city however. Stores in Watson, Lanigan, Foam Lake, Kelvington, Wadena, Wakaw, Wynyard and Raymore.

Donna Christianson is chair of the Saskatchewan Government Employee Union's SLGA negotiating committee, and also works at the outlet in Watson. She is not in favour of the decision.

"I don't even think I could sniff out a part-time job here, I would either have to drive, or move."

McMorris says the changes are a direct result of what the government was told through public consultations.

"More choice, more convenience, which we will see by leveling the playing field at competitive pricing."

The new regulations would see all liquor outlets, including off-sales, purchasing their product from the government, which the SaskParty says will offset any revenue loss from passing the crown-owned stores over to private hands.

Christianson is not so certain.

"How are they going to replace that? Is it going to be another cut to the University of Regina? Maybe one less doctor in your hospital you can go see."

McMorris also said 12 new private stores will go to communities that are "under served" by liquor retailing, none of those are in our region.