A public consultation process is underway into a proposed food policy for Canada, which hopes to set a long-term vision for health, environmental, social, and economic goals related to food production.

Bob Friesen, Vice President of Government Affairs for Farmers of North America says that they want to see a new food policy to ensure farmers can maximize profitability.

"There are a lot of expectations from consumers on farmers that they will produce healthy foods that they will be producing foods in a way that the environment can be sustained," said Friesen. "We've got a carbon tax that farmers have to pay and we also need to make sure farmers are in a position where that food can be produced profitably."

Friesen added that they're thrilled that the government is looking at implementing a national food policy

"We're very happy that this government is focused on looking at a national food policy and we think it's important for the consumer of the food all the way back to the producers of the food," Friesen said. "We just need to make sure that every link in that value chain is dealt with in a way that it is sustainable."

The consultation process was recently extended to August 31st, and those interested can participate in an online survey on the Government of Canada’s website.