A sunny, yet windy day played host to Englefeld Family Fun Fest on Saturday.

The event, put on by the Englefeld Rec Board, included many activities such as a BBQ supper, beach volleyball, wagon rides, games, a movie, jumping house, money pit, and of course the helicopter rides.

Rec Board President Charlie Biemans explains how the event helps the community.

"It's a thank you to the community for all the work they do through out the year. It's a little bit of a fundraiser to help us with our organization. We're putting new playground equipment in so hopefully we'll get some money for that."

The event is thanks to a rained out Hogfest this year, as Biemens explains.

"It came about because at our Hogfest we couldn't blow off our fireworks, and if we don't use them they go to waste. So we decided to do something in the middle of August as an event to blow off the fireworks."