Corporal Regan Widaiko, of 797 Lanigan Knights of Columbus, Royal Canadian Air Cadet Squadron, in Guernsey, joined other cadets from rural Saskatchewan for an 8-Day cadet activity program. 

During the program, cadets participated in fun, safe, challenging, activities such as biathlon, canoeing, hiking, and building survival shelters. 

Widaiko says his favourite activity was abseiling, a recreational activity that involves descending, using a rope in controlled conditions from a mountain, cliff, or man-made structure. 

“It was fantastic, I’ve never done anything like it. The people here at Saskadet are really nice, the senior cadets and officers are especially helpful,” said Widaiko. 

Widaiko joined cadets two years ago after learning about the Cadet Program from his brother who had started before him. Widaiko has since participated in activities such as marksmanship, orienteering, and field training exercises. 

“The Cadet Program is really fun and there are so many opportunities for everyone, I would tell everyone to join.”

Summer training is just some of the activities available to youth at local, regional, and national levels in the Canadian Cadet Program year-round. The Canadian Cadet Program is open to all youth between the ages of 12-18 years old and develops confident, self-sufficient leaders who form lasting friendships and are engaged in their communities. Air Cadets also learn about aviation technologies, aircrew survival, and how to fly.

Adults are also needed to help train, administer, and supervise the local youth involved in the Canadian Cadet Program. No previous military or cadet experience is needed.

For air cadets in Guernsey, contact 797 Lanigan Knights of Columbus, Royal Canadian Air Cadets, at 306-946-9941 or email