Arts Humboldt dropped the curtain on another year Tuesday night with their annual general meeting taking place at the Uniplex.

During the meeting Tanya Schuler agreed to another term as President as well as Brian Grest returning as Treasurer, Larry Jorgenson stayed on as Vice President and Caitlin Biehn is the Secretary.

Schuler says they are happy to continue with the group of executives.

"We do all enjoy it, everybody on the board has a passion to be here. We all have the main goal of promoting the arts in Humboldt so we're more than happy to stay on and do it."

Cori Norman, Rob Muench and Trevor Ross also remained on the board of directors. Maxine Moore resigned from her position. Two other names were mentioned in the nominations but those people were not in attendance.

During her President's report, Schuler said 2014-15 was a "great year."

"It was, one of the main things we're really happy about is in past years we have been talking about getting coffee houses going and we were able to fill that mandate. We had four coffee houses and all of them were very well received and enjoyed by all of Humboldt."

Helping put the Missoula Children's Theatre on was another shining moment for the organization this past year as well.

Schuler explains what's next in 2016.

"We're going to continue with our coffee houses, we do have a concert we tentatively have in June. We're kind of a see what happens and see what falls in our lap kind of group. We've developed a name in the arts community that artists coming through contact us so you never know."

The group is sitting with a healthy financial situation with over $11,000 in their bank account, that's over $1,000 more than the year prior.

You can find out more about Arts Humboldt on their website or their Facebook page.

You can hear from Schuler below in her interview with Bolt FM's Clark Stork below.